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How to add Flockler to BigCommerce
How to add Flockler to BigCommerce

Embed Instagram and other social media feeds on any BigCommerce page with a few clicks.

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Adding Flockler to any BigCommerce page takes less than a couple of minutes. Before getting started, create an embed code for your social media feed on Flockler’s 'Display' tab.

After generating the code, there are two ways to add Flockler to BigCommerce:

1. Embed social feeds via the Page Builder

Adding social media feeds to BigCommerce via Page Builder is the easiest option.

After logging in to your BigCommerce, click 'Storefront' in the sidebar. On the right, you’ll see your themes; click the 'Customize' button.

On the left, choose the HTML button and drag n drop it to your BigCommerce page.

Now, you should see an example text on the left. Remove the text and replace it with Flockler’s embed code.

Next, click 'Save HTML', and the social media feed appears on the preview.

Finally, click 'Publish' on the top left of the editor, and your BigCommerce site will show the social media feed.

2. Embed social feeds via the Theme Files

Some BigCommerce sites have been customized, and you can add Flockler via 'Theme Files' instead. Get started by creating a copy of the current theme.

Next, click to 'Edit Theme Files'.

Select 'Templates' and choose, for example, the home.html. There, add Flockler within the container with the rest of the page elements.

Then, save 'Theme Files' to apply changes to your template.

Finally, exit the editor and go to the Storefront page. Choose 'Apply' from the dropdown to publish changes to your live BigCommerce shop.

And that’s all – the social media feed is visible to shop visitors!

If you need any help with the installation, don’t hesitate to message us via live chat!

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