Does your Sharepoint already have a social media feed with the organisation’s latest posts?

Embedding a social media feed combining posts from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more is straightforward.

After creating your Flockler account and setting up automatically updating social media feeds, go to the 'Display' tab and click the 'Add a new layout' button to create a Wall, Grid, Carousel, or Slideshow.

Most customers prefer the carousel social media feed for Sharepoint, but you can create unlimited layouts with your Flockler subscription and test all versions.

After choosing the layout, Flockler will give you an embed code. Please note that Sharepoint requires the iframe version of the embed code. Sharepoint doesn’t allow any other embed code formats from third parties.

You might not have the right to edit your company’s Sharepoint layout and might need to ask your developers to help you out. Here are instructions on how to embed a social media feed from Flockler on any Sharepoint page:

  1. Start by adjusting the settings of the Sharepoint website. Click the 'Settings' icon on your Sharepoint website and click 'Site information' from the drop-down.

  2. Next, choose 'View all settings'.

  3. Here, select 'HTML Field Security'.

  4. Then, type '' into the field and click the 'Add' button. Exit and save changes by choosing 'OK'.

  5. Next, click 'Edit' on the Sharepoint page.

  6. Scroll down and click the + icon on the left. Most customers choose the one-column layout for the social media feed embed.

  7. Then, click 'Add a new web part in column one'

  8. Search for the 'embed' element and add it to the page.

  9. Finally, add Flockler’s iframe embed code to the field on the right, and a social media feed is shown on the Sharepoint page.

  10. Republish your site, and you’ll have an auto-updating social media feed on Microsoft Sharepoint 🎉

If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to message us via live chat!

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