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Can we upload images without using social media?
Can we upload images without using social media?

You can create custom posts, and Reviews feature, you can create a direct upload form and embed it on any website and digital service.

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Yes, you can! There are two ways to upload images on Flockler:

1. Upload images via the 'Content' tab

Logged in Flockler users can upload images directly via the 'Content tab. On the 'Content' tab, click the 'Custom post' button on the left.

Then upload images to the right and add a title and text for your post. Finally, click the 'Publish' button, and the post appears in your Flockler layouts.

Creating a custom post on Flockler

This feature allows you, for example, to show custom messages and images in digital signage solutions at the office and messages from sponsors during the event.

Slideshow example and a custom post

2. Use an upload form on a website and any other digital service

Suppose you are looking to ask your team members and audience to post content during the event or participate in a user-generated content campaign. Usually, you will promote a branded hashtag, but Flockler’s custom upload form allows everyone to join without using a social media channel.

To create an upload form, go to the 'Reviews' tab. First, give a name for your upload form.

Then customize your form and its fields. By default, the form includes a star rating, but you can hide any of the fields that are not relevant to you.

Upload form settings

After saving the form, you will get an embed code that you can add to any website and digital service. Here’s an example of how the ready form for an event looks on a website:

And once you’ve received entries, you can show them on any website and digital service using one of the four Flockler layouts.

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