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Can I change the colours of my display layout?
Can I change the colours of my display layout?

Create unlimited Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows, and add custom colours and branding to each of them.

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Social wall on the New Zealand Cricket team website

It’s easy to change the colours of Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows.

You can create unlimited layouts and add custom branding to each of them. That makes sure that each website, app, intranet, and digital display you use has a perfect layout for your social media feed.

To edit the elements and colours of the layout, navigate to the 'Display' tab and click 'Edit style & settings' to change the look & feel for any of the previously created layouts or create a new one.

Edit display layout’s look & feel on the Flockler app

Then, in the editor, scroll down to 'Themes' to change colours. Here, you can select from ready-made colour themes in the dropdown and manually edit the colours. You can change the post background colour and text colour. If needed, you can add a background colour to your layout, but it’s usually better to leave the background transparent and add the colour to your website.

Editing theme and colours for the display layout

Need more customization?

If you would like to change the colours of any details like links and timestamps or do any other tweaks to the styles, you can do that with custom CSS. Here is a quick guide on adding custom CSS, and you can always ask our customer success team to do it for you.

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