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How to add Flockler to Weebly
How to add Flockler to Weebly

With Flockler, you can combine social media feeds together and show them on Weebly websites. Add Flockler to homepage or any other page.

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A social media feed on Weebly website

Embedding social media feeds on Weebly is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. With Flockler, you can combine posts from Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, TikTok, and other social media channels and show all content in one social media stream.

In this tutorial, there are two steps:

If you have already completed the first step and you’ve got content on Flockler, move to step 2.

1. Create a live-updating social media feed

Start by logging in to Flockler and go to the 'Feeds' tab. Then click the 'Create a new automated feed' button.

Now, choose one of the channels and create a live-updating feed.

Select a social media feed channel on the Flockler app

In the video below, you will see an example of how to create an X (formerly Twitter) feed. If needed, you can create multiple feeds and show their content in one place.

Once you’ve finished the feed creation process, go to the 'Display' tab and click the 'Add a new layout' button. Next, choose one of the layout options.

Choose a social feed layout on the Flockler app

After you choose the layout, Flockler gives an embed code – make sure you select the iframe version for your Weebly website. Then, click 'Edit style and settings' to modify the look & feel of your social feed.

Social media feed embed code for any website

2. Add Flockler’s iframe embed code to Weebly

Click the + button on the top left and select a Page or Section to add Flockler.

Add a Section or Page on Weebly

Then, scroll down to the 'Embed code'.

Add 'Embed code' to Weebly

On the left, add the iframe embed code from Flockler’s Display tab to the field. Then, on Weebly and Flockler’s settings, you can further adjust the area where Flockler is embedded, how many posts are shown, etc., to make sure the social feed perfectly fits your website.

Add Flockler iframe embed code to Weebly

And now Publish changes on Weebly, and the social media feed shows up on your website!

If you have any issues embedding the social feed on your website, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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