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How to add a CTA button to any post
How to add a CTA button to any post

A call-to-action (CTA) button can be added to any post in your Social Wall, Grid, or Carousel layout.

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Here’s how you can add a call-to-action (CTA) button to any post:

  • Click the ‘Content’ tab in Flockler’s navigation.

  • Click the ‘Edit’ icon next to the post.

Edit a post button in the Flockler app.
  • Scroll down and add a button text (link title) and a link URL. The text will be displayed in the button, and you can add a unique text and link to each post.

Flockler app’s edit view for a individual item

How does the CTA button look?

By default, the CTA button shows up at the top left corner of the image/video.

If you have enabled Flockler’s popup feature for your embed code, the button shows at the bottom.

A popup view in Flockler’s social media feed embed

Note: you’ll need the latest version of Flockler’s Social Wall, Grid, or Carousel layout.

How can I change the design and position of the button?

You can change the CTA button design from the embed code’s settings.

  • Navigate to the 'Display' tab.

  • Find the embed code you are using or create a new one.

  • Click the 'Edit style and settings' link for the embed code.

  • Scroll down to the 'Call to Action' section and edit the look & feel. The preview shows how the button looks with the default font.

  • Click 'Save changes' for the embed code and the new styles appear with the embed code.

You can define the default call to action text, change the button background and text colour, and select an icon from the dropdown. If you would like to have a custom icon, don’t hesitate to send us a message via live chat.

The position of the button can be changed with css. Our support team is happy to help with that (free of charge!).

How can I add the same button and link to every post?

Contact the Flockler support team via live chat or email at for more details.

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