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What is Social Analytics add-on?
What is Social Analytics add-on?

Flockler’s Social Analytics add-on is included in every free trial of Flockler. It measures the key metrics of social media posts.

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Flockler’s social media analytics dashboard

With Flockler’s Social Analytics add-on, you will get a broad understanding of your content’s performance across multiple social media channels and hashtag campaigns.

The Social Analytics add-on is included in every free trial of Flockler, and it measures the number of posts, likes, and comments on Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). You can activate your free trial by visiting Analytics tab in the navigation and choosing Social Analytics.

If you are looking to understand the number of views and clicks for the embedded layout, you can find all the data via Flockler’s Analytics tab free-of-charge.

What you get?

List of top content

We show which pieces of content get the most likes, comments, and other interactions on social media channels.

List of top fans of hashtag campaigns

We help you to identify the most popular and influential participants in your hashtag campaign.

Overview of multiple channels

Understand the key metrics of X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram posts you've stored with Flockler's Automated Feeds.

Excel and PDF export

Export the data in an Excel file or pdf. Filter by social media channel and timeframe.

Daily updates

Set up your automated feeds to gather content and check back daily to view your updated report.

Unlimited campaigns

We analyse the content stored in your Sections. Create as many as you like over time.

The Analytics add-on is included in every free trial of Flockler.

If you are already a subscriber of Flockler and haven’t tested Analytics before, there’s a 7-day free trial available via Analytics tab.

You can purchase the Analytics add-on for the fee of 99€/month ($110). With the yearly subscription, you'll enjoy a discount of 15%.

Tip: If you are looking to report clicks of your social wall and other layouts, you can use tools like Google Analytics. Here’s a short tutorial on how to track events with Google Analytics.

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