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How to reconnect Instagram Business account
How to reconnect Instagram Business account

A step-by-step guide on how to reconnect your Instagram Business account with Flockler.

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Every now and then, Instagram (and other social media channels) will ask you to reconnect your account with third party services like Flockler. They do that for security and data privacy reasons – they want to make sure that you’re still using the third party service.

At Flockler, we will send you an email if the social media connection expires. When you click the link in our notification email and log in to Flockler, our bot will ask you to re-connect your account. Also, the 'Feeds' tab shows the disconnected sources in red and they have a 'Fix this' button.

Here’s how you can reconnect your Instagram Business account:

After clicking the 'Fix this' button on the 'Feeds' tab or the link in Flockler’s notification email, our bot will ask you to 'Reconnect Instagram account '.

A popup by Facebook will open up and ask you to log in with your personal FB account. You can connect any Facebook account as long as you are an admin for at least one Facebook Page with an Instagram Business Account connected. Flockler doesn’t access your personal Facebook account, and none of your personal details or posts will be visible on Flockler.

The next screen will ask you to Edit Settings or Continue as you. Make sure you select “Edit Settings.”

The following screen will show the Instagram Business Accounts you administrate. If you don’t have an Instagram Business account visible here, you’ll need to either create a new one (for free) or ask someone to invite you to manage a Facebook Page with a connected Instagram Business account. Make sure you have selected at least one Business account on this screen.

The final step is to make sure you have turned on all the permissions Facebook asks you to grant. Some of those permissions are fairly general, but Facebook doesn’t provide a custom flow dedicated to each third party solution. Make sure you have enabled all the options in the list.

That’s it!

If you granted Flockler permission to access at least one of your Instagram Business accounts, you can create hashtag feeds and display any Instagram Business account content.

If you have any questions about reconnecting your Instagram account, don’t hesitate to chat with us.

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