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How to display your latest SoundCloud tracks
How to display your latest SoundCloud tracks

Add an automated feed of SoundCloud tracks

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Are you looking to gather and display your latest SoundCloud tracks?

Start by enabling an RSS feed for your SoundCloud account, and after that, you can gather and display the latest SoundCloud tracks with Flockler's automated feeds.

Here's how you can enable an RSS feed for your SoundCloud account:

  • Log in to SoundCloud.

  • Go to your Content Settings page.

  • Select tickbox to "Include in RSS feed".

  • Copy the URL of your RSS feed.

And here's how you can set up an automated feed with Flockler:

  • Log in to your Flockler account.

  • Click 'Feeds".

  • Select 'RSS.'

  • Add the URL of your SoundCloud RSS.

  • Complete the set up of an automated feed, and all the future tracks of your account will be gathered to Flockler every 5 minutes.

If you have any questions regarding the steps above, please don't hesitate to hit the chat button at the bottom right corner and get in touch with our team. We are happy to help :)

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