Wondering what social media feeds you can display on your website with Flockler? 

Below is the list of channels and content types we currently support.

Automated Feeds


  • All public images and videos mentioning a hashtag

  • All public images and videos by any Business Account

  • Public images and videos mentioning your Business Account or tagging it to an image (admin rights of the tagged/mentioned Business Account required). Learn more.

  • Instagram Stories of your Business Account (only Stories published in the past 24 hours, and admin rights of the Business Account required). Learn more.


  • All the Posts published by any public Facebook Page

  • Public Posts mentioning the Page you are administrating (admin access of mentioned Page required)

  • Posts by Visitors on your Page (admin access of the Page required)


  • Public tweets mentioning keyword / hashtag

  • Public tweets from any user


  • Public videos from any public channel or playlist

  • Public videos mentioning keyword / hashtag


  • Public Pins from any user

  • Public Pins from user’s board

RSS feeds

  • Typically news/blog posts from your website


  • Available on request.


Manual curation


  • Public posts by any company or user. Add a link to any public LinkedIn post and display those posts with automated feeds from other channels. Learn more. LinkedIn doesn't provide automated feeds to display on third-party services.


  • Public videos by any user and hashtag. TikTok doesn't provide a feed of content yet, but you can add any public video manually. Learn more.

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