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One of the advanced features of the Flockler Walls, Grids, and Carousels is the filtering by a tag. It allows Flockler users to create custom, tag-filtered views of social media feeds and posts they’ve stored in Flockler.

It doesn’t cost anything extra to use this feature, and it is available in all subscription plans.

In this article:

How the tag filtering works (practical example)

Here we will demonstrate how to filter Instagram feed by a tag.

On Flockler’s homepage, you will find an Instagram carousel. The carousel shows the latest posts from our Instagram account, and we (obviously) use our embed code on the page.

Instagram carousel embedded on a page

So far, we’ve gathered more than a hundred Instagram images and videos from Flockler’s IG account, and the Automated Instagram Feed keeps adding new content when our social media team posts something new.

When Flockler stores an Instagram post, all the post's hashtags are converted to tags and saved in our database.

Let us give you an example what it means.

This Instagram image includes hashtags #flockler, #instagramfeed, #youtubefeed, #facebookfeed, #twitterfeed, #tiktokfeed, #ugc, and #socialproof.

Instagram image example

Now, Flockler converts all those hashtags to tags and saves them in the database.

Then, if I’d like to show only posts that have, for example, #ugc tagged, I only need to add a filter to my embed code settings (see instructions below).

And here we go: A live example of Flockler’s Instagram posts mentioning #ugc (filtered from the 100+ posts we have stored). We could embed that tag-filtered view on a page that is discussing UGC.

For your company, you could use tag-filtering on pages dedicated to a specific industry, product and service, solution, location, or any other topic and theme.

How to create an embed code filtered by a tag

Filtering any of the Flockler embed codes by a tag is straightforward. You can either create embed codes manually or work with your developer to set the filter dynamically on your website.

If you are creating the embed code manually, follow these steps:

  1. Log in and go to the 'Display' tab. Click the 'Create a new layout' button and choose one of the layout options.

  2. After choosing your layout, Flockler gives you an embed code. Click the 'Edit settings & styles' link on the left below the code.

  3. Then, scroll down at the bottom to the Advanced part, and add a tag (or multiple) to the field. If you add multiple tags, Flockler will display posts where any tag is a match.

  4. Save changes and the embed code only shows posts that mention your chosen tag(s)!

If you have a lot of pages where tag-filtering could be beneficial, it might be a good idea to work with your developer and add tags dynamically depending on the page. See custom configuration in our developer documentation.

How to add custom tags

As described in the first part of the article, Flockler stores all post hashtags to the database and converts them to tags that you can use for filtering.

But sometimes, the post doesn’t include the correct tag, or you’d like to add an otherwise custom tag for it. For example, you might want to show a curated collection of your favourite ones and add a custom tag 'best'.

With Flockler, you can add custom tags to all your posts. Here’s how:

  • Go to the 'Content' tab

  • Click the 'Edit' icon for the post

  • Add custom tags to the field and save changes

  • Now, follow the steps above to create an embed code with a tag filter and show an embed code filtered by any custom tag!

In addition to manual tagging, you can automatically convert mentions of a keyword to tags or add a custom tag to all posts from a certain user. Contact us for more information!

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