How to link an Instagram account to a Facebook Page

Before getting started, make sure your Instagram account is a Business version. It’s free to use and comes with a lot of audience insights unavailable for a standard user account. If you haven’t turned your profile into Business yet, you can do that from Instagram’s settings.

After double-checking that you’ve got a Business account, there are three ways to link it to a Facebook Page:

  1. Via the Instagram mobile app

  2. Via Facebook Page Settings (New Pages experience)

  3. Via Meta Business Suite for desktop

1. Via the Instagram mobile app

  1. Open your Instagram Business profile page, and click 'Edit profile'.

  2. Under 'Public business information', click 'Page'.

  3. Choose 'Create Facebook Page' or 'Connect an existing Page'. Typically, you’d pick to connect an existing one.

  4. From the list, choose a Page that you'd like to connect to (or select 'Create a new Facebook Page').

  5. Tap 'Done' after you've finished, and your Instagram Business account is now connected to a Facebook Page.

2. Via Facebook Page Settings (New Pages experience)

  1. On Facebook, click your account profile photo in the top right.

  2. Click 'See all profiles', then select the Page that you’d like to connect with Instagram.

  3. Click your Page's profile picture in the top right of Facebook, select 'Settings & privacy', then click 'Settings'.

  4. In the left menu, choose 'Linked accounts' and then 'Instagram'.

  5. Click 'Connect account' and follow the instructions to connect your Facebook Page and Instagram Business account.

3. Via Meta Business Suite for desktop

  1. In Meta Business Suite for desktop, select 'Settings' from the sidebar.

  2. Next, pick 'Business assets' and then 'Add assets'

  3. Choose 'Instagram account'. Next, review and agree to the terms for connecting your Instagram account and click 'Claim Instagram account'.

  4. A new window opens, and enter your Instagram username and password here. Then, click ‘Log in’.

  5. If you're already logged in on Instagram, click 'Continue as [Instagram username]'. If that’s not the correct username, tap 'Switch accounts' to log in to another account.

  6. Click 'Confirm' to finish the process.

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