Can I customize the look & feel?

Yes, the look & feel can be fully customized.

By default, all Flockler sites have four display layouts for content. Navigate to the 'Display' tab on Flockler and click to the 'Create a new layout' button

Flockler display layouts for social media feeds

Each layout can be customized to fit the branding of your company and you can create unlimited layouts within the same Flockler subscription.

After selecting one of the four options, click 'Edit style & settings' to edit the look & feel. You can, for example, hide elements, change colours, and even add custom CSS.

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Here are live examples of each option:

Social Wall

Our Social Wall is the right choice for customers looking to display social media feeds from multiple channels in one place.


The Grid layout works well with content from various social media channels too, but the size of each element is fixed to keep the look and feel nice and neat.


Our Carousel layout works particularly well on the homepage and other key landing pages when you don’t have too much vertical space available. Your customers can flick through the content to left and right, and you can add a link below to visit a wall of content on another page too.


Do you organise events, or are there digital screens at your premises? A Slideshow rotating the latest content might be the right choice for you.

In addition to display options above, API is available for nerds who'd like to create their own version.

For more inspiration, check these 10 inspiring examples of social media wall and our case studies.

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