Can I add Flockler to any website and digital service?

Yes, Flockler provides tools to add social media Walls, Grids, and Carousels to your website without any technical skills. Also, you can create Slideshows for any digital display.

After you've signed up and created a feed of content from supported social media channels and sources, you can select a display style you like. Navigate to the 'Display' tab and click to create a new display layout:

After selecting the layout, you will get an embed code that you can add to any website and digital service. There’s an iframe version available, too.

Click 'Edit style and settings' to customize the look & feel. If you need any help with the layout and styles, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

You can add Flockler to any website and digital service. In addition to websites, Flockler customers add social media feeds to mobile applications, intranets, digital screens, and more.

Here are step-by-step tutorials for the most common website builders and e-commerce platforms:

For inspirational examples from Flockler customers, check our case studies.

Also, Flockler API enables developers to create fully custom layouts and integrations. Our developer team is happy to help with any questions.

Wondering if Flockler is the right solution? Don't hesitate to chat with us or contact us via email to learn more. 

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