How do I enable my site for search engines?

Please note: For Flockler social website customers only. Customers using WordPress plugin, Embed or API will control search engine visibility on their own environment outside Flockler. Please ask your technical team for more information.

Flockler sites with custom URL can be enabled for search engines like Google and Bing from site settings. Enabling site for search engine means that all of your site content can be crawled and indexed by search engines and displayed on search results when someone is searching for a specific topic (like your site name). Here's how you can enable your site for search engines:

  1. Go to 'Settings' on the left after login.
  2. Click tab 'SEO'.
  3. Type title of your site to field 'Meta title' (maximum of 70 characters). Check Google's tips on how to optimise your page titles.
  4. Type description of your site to field 'Meta description' (maximum of 250 characters). Check Google's tips on how to create good meta descriptions.
  5. Click tickbox 'Allow search engines to include this site in their search results'.
  6. Click 'Save changes'.

Meta title and description will be shown on search engine results page. See example for search 'Flockler' on Google:

Meta title and description are optional, but if you leave them blank, Google will randomly pick something from your site. A good title and description can improve your site search engine ranking.

It is also recommended to upload an image of 1200x630 pixels (see detailed instructions). Image is optional, but will be displayed by default on social channels (e.g. Facebook) when someone is sharing the URL of your site.