How do I change the default image for Facebook share?

Please note: For Flockler-powered websites only. If you are using Wordpress plugin, Embed or API, please ask your technical team to configure share images.

Setting a share image for your site

You can set the default share image for your site under the SEO tab in your site’s settings:

Setting a share image for a section

You can set the share image for a section under the SEO tab in the section’s settings:

Setting a share image for an article

When user shares an article from the site, the cover image of the story will be shown on Facebook together with article title and summary text. You can override the image and text in advanced options that you’ll find at bottom of the article edit view:

What can I do if Facebook is showing incorrect image for my site or article URL?

Even if you have added a specific image for your site or uploaded a cover image to an article, Facebook might show another image when you are sharing the URL. Here's how you can fix it:

  1. Go to
  2. Paste your site’s or article’s URL to the field and click 'Debug'
  3. Facebook shows a preview of the look & feel currently. If the image, title or summary is incorrect, click 'Scrape Again' to update.