How to create a webhook for Magento?

Note: You'll need to be either owner or manager of the site.

You'll need to create a webhook in order to use the Flockler Magento extension. Here's how:

  1. On Magento: Install the extension as you would install any other extension, via the Magento Marketplace, modman or some other form (depends on your Magento installation).
  2. On Magento: Select 'Flockler' > 'Webhooks' on Magento admin menu.
  3. On Magento: Click 'Add New Webhook'. Give the webhook a name. Do not save the webhook yet. Copy the URL of the newly created webhook.
  4. On Flockler: Click 'Settings' on the menu and select the 'Webhooks' tab. Click 'Create new webhook', paste your webhook URL to field and copy secret code displayed on step 2.
  5. On Magento: Copy-Paste the secret code to the 'Secret' field and save the webhook.
  6. On Flockler: Finish creating the webhook and start using Flockler!