How do I embed videos to articles?

There are three ways to embed videos to an article:

1. Embed video as part of the article's content

  1. Open article editor and click embed code icon (see picture below).

  2. Paste the embed code from YouTube or Vimeo to a popup that opens and click 'Save'. The video will appear inside the article text area.

2. Publish video using YouTube and Vimeo buttons

  1. Click YouTube or Vimeo icon on section's editor.

  2. On YouTube you can search videos by username or keyword. On Vimeo you can search by username.

  3. Click 'Create article' to open article editor or drag-n-drop the video to the stream on the right and it will be published on your website.

3. Publish video using 'Add a link' button

  1. If you already know the URL of the video, click 'Add a link' button on section's editor (see picture below).

  2. Paste a link to video to a popup that opens and click 'add link'.

  3. This will open the article editor with the video embedded on the top.