How do I create an article?

Creating an article is easy. Choose in which section you want the article to be published and then click the 'Article button' on the section editor. 

  1. Choose a section in which you'd like the article to be published, you can do this by clicking one of the section titles.
  2. You will then be taken to the section's editor, here you can click the 'Article' button where you will then be able to start writing your article.
  3. In the article editor you can add a title, change the author of the story, add a summary, body text and tags. The summary text will be shown on the frontpage of the site, but not on the article page. The body text editor, includes all of the typical functions to write awesome blog posts, including the ability to add links, format content (bold, italics, underline etc.) as well as adding images to your content. On the left you can upload a cover image to represent your article. The cover image is only shown on the site's frontpage and not on the article page. Alternatively, you can select one of the images uploaded to the body text and that image will then be shown on both the frontpage and inside of your body text.
  4. You can then select your articles display style by clicking on the “Article display style” dropdown.  This will change how the article is displayed on the site's frontpage. The 'default' option will show the image, title and summary text, while 'Featured' will change the layout to only show the image and title.

Finally, when you're finished, click 'publish now', 'save as draft' or 'publish later'. Publish later enables you to schedule publishing your post to future date.