How do I add content from social media?

There are two ways to add content from social channels: manual and automated:


Here's how you can add content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo:

  1. Click one the section titles
  2. Click one of the social media buttons on the left 
  3. For Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you'll need to connect your personal user account. This will only be used to pull in content from social channels. We will never publish content to social channels on your behalf.
  4. Search content from selected social channel and drag-n-drop content to stream on the right.

See our tutorial video how to add content from Twitter by keyword.

Note: you'll need to be admin of the Facebook Page to add content.


To add content automatically you'll need to set up automated publishing rules by clicking “Automated publishing” on the left and then “add a new feed” on the top right. Download the PDF below or watch the tutorial video below for more detailed information.

Instructions for setting up automated feeds