What are automated feeds?

  • Set up automated feeds to store the content published on social channels; Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, and automatically display those posts on your Flockler site. For example, set up a feed displaying all the tweets mentioning a certain keyword or posted by your company.
  • You can select, whether the content is displayed automatically on your Flockler site or stored to inbox for moderation. Even if you decide to display content automatically, you can still hide and add posts manually.
  • By default, automated feeds will search for new content every 5-10 minutes.
  • Flockler starts looking for new content from the moment you set up the feed. The content published on social channels prior to the setup of the feed will not be displayed, but you can search and add content manually.

Download Guide to Automated Feeds

Here's an example how to set up an automated feed a Twitter hashtag: