What browsers do Flockler sites support?

Please note: For Flockler-powered social websites only. If you use our WordPress plugin or API to build the site, the look & feel is customised by your technical team or third party developers.

Flockler-powered websites are optimized for all modern browsers and a variety of screen sizes. The consumer-facing websites support:

  • Chrome — version 48 and newer
  • Firefox — version 48 and newer
  • Safari — version 9.1 and newer
  • Internet Explorer — version 11
  • iOS — version 9 and newer
  • Android — version 4 and newer
  • Windows Phone — version 8 and newer. 

Please note that to manage your website in Flockler, you should be running a fairly new desktop browser as our admin simply guarantees support for Chrome version 50 and newer, Firefox version 48 and newer, and Safari version 9 and newer.