What are the differences between Flockler products: Social website, WordPress plugin, embed code and API?

There are four ways to use Flockler: 

1. Flockler-powered social website

Use our template to build your own website combining editorial and social content. Basic setup and design can be done without any coding skills. Read more.

2. WordPress plugin

Integrate social content to your WordPress site. Install like any other plugin in just a few minutes to display the posts collated on Flockler. The look and feel of the social wall depends on your WordPress theme. Read more.

3. Embed

Use our embed code to display Flockler-powered content anywhere on the web (e.g. WordPress, ecommerce sites, mobile apps etc.). Adding the embed code to your website requires no technical skills. Read more.

4. Flockler API

Integrate Flockler-powered content to any of your existing websites, applications, ecommerce sites and other services. The Flockler API enables developers to create a custom look & feel. API implementation requires coding skills either from your technical team or a third party developer. Read more.